This feature is written by our very own Director of Slow Fish – Nikola Simpson.

Luther Thorne Memorial Primary is one of our newer gardens having been installed in March of this year. We completed a replant of the garden last week with one of our new partners, Future Trees, an initiative of the Future Centre Trust. The trees were donated with the help of Trees that Feed and Ozone Wireless. Students assisted in planting a few of the 10 fruit trees including breadfruit, golden apple, soursoup, sugar apple & lime.

SFB Educational Gardens with the Luther Thorne students at the garden re-install

These trees were planted to extend the garden and to integrate the permaculture principle into the school’s garden programme. Permaculture encompasses a variety of disciplines such as ecology, landscape design, environmental science and energy conservation.

Over 50 students from a range of classes including Reception, Infants, Class 1, 2 and Class 4 (ages ranging from 3-11) got their hands (& shoes!) dirty helping to remove any weeds, dig holes and plant seedlings including cherry tomatoes, chinese cabbage, broccoli, blue pea vine, sweet peppers, swiss chard, turmeric and aloe.

Students helping during the installation.

The students were also given a refresher on how to use their compost bin previously donated by the programme and helped by placing their banana peels from break into it with great enthusiasm. The issue of plastic pollution and impacts on the garden, their health & the oceans was also discussed.

What does the Slow Food® Barbados Educational Garden Programme do?

We are trying to reconnect youth with their food by teaching them how to grow, cook, enjoy and compost their own local, fresh food. We hope that these students will become active participants in their food choices and by becoming educated and informed eaters, they will make a positive impact on their health, their environment and on the food system as a whole.

How Can You Help?

Are you or your company interested in giving of your time as a volunteer (1-2 hours per month) or to be a partner and helping to maintain a garden near you? If this doesn’t work for you, how about helping to sponsor a garden? Or donate some tools? We are looking for plant nurseries, landscaping businesses, garden centres, organizations and more who share our ethos to partner with us and the schools to help maintain existing gardens and grow the programme.

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