Our goals

  • Educating

    By reawakening and training the senses, Slow Food helps people rediscover the joys of eating,
  • Preserving

    We preserve food traditions, biodiversity and identifying foods endangered of becoming lost.
  • Protecting

    We provide seeds for school garden programs and organic farmers.
  • Connecting

    The focus is on chefs and farmers entering into new purchasing agreements as well as educating the participants about good, clean and fair food.

Our partners


As we continue to raise awareness on plastic pollution and the effects it has on the environment, our bodies and the food that we eat, we thought we would share this guide on different types of plastics, brought to you by Polychem. Not only does this help you identify the various types of plastics that we use in our everyday lives, but it also highlights the risks and issues associated with each type as it relates to recycling.  One of the solutions to reducing plastic pollution is reducing our dependency on single-use plastics and using more sustainable alternatives. Here at Slow Food Barbados, we encourage you to think about the waste you produce in your daily lives. Slow Food Barbados is committed to ...

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