Our Initiatives

Our work in the community falls under three campaigns: School Gardens, Slow Fish, and Chef Alliance. In addition, we organise three “signature” fundraising events including our Farm to Table dinner series, annual Farm to Chef Market Day and our monthly Slow Cinema – all proceedings to benefit our campaigns and local organic small scale farmers.


Slow Fish

Slow Fish is the official Slow Food campaign for sustainable fisheries, raising awareness among seafood-lovers. Through our local initiatives we focus on promoting sustainable fishing methods, supporting responsible artisanal fisherfolk and providing opportunities for public participation with cooking demos and competitions.

Educational Gardens

In 2013 Slow Food identified school gardens and working with youth as a key to developing Good, Clean and Fair food systems. Slow Food Barbados launched their ‘12 educational gardens in 12 months’ Programme at the beginning of 2015.

Chef Alliance

Chef Alliance works to promote locally-based chefs to actively champion small-scale producers and promote good quality local and sustainably produced food. The Chef Alliance invites chefs who share our Slow Food ethos and are keen to work with our various projects.

Slow Cinema

Slow Cinema is a monthly movie night using the medium of film to enhance the knowledge of our environment, food system and production methods. We hope to mobilise critical reflection utilising film as a medium to challenge our perceptions and inspire us to actively pursue social change.

Farm to Table

For an inventive and unique dining experience, our extremely successful Farm to Table and Pop-Up dinner series are not to be missed. We recognise chefs and restaurants that exemplify our ethos and support new ones who share our core principles.

Farm to Chef

Farm to Chef and Market Day recreates the traditional outdoor marketplace shopping experience with a twist. Launched in 2014 at the idyllic Holders Plantation, the market features a variety of Snail of Approval merchants carefully picked for their exceptional quality.

The Snail of Approval

The Snail of Approval is Slow Food Barbados’ way of recognising the producers, co-producers and donors that continue to make significant contributions to the transformation of our national food system.

Terra Madre

We celebrate this Slow Food International day every December 10, bringing awareness to the local network of food communities made up of farmers, fishers, herders, artisans, chefs, youth, activists and researchers who are working to promote a new food culture, based on saving biodiversity, protecting the environment and respecting local cultures and traditions.