We are Slow Food Barbados

The Slow Food Barbados chapter is run by a small volunteer board and administrative team. This chapter is led by co-chairs Ian McNeel and John Hunte.

"People in slow food understand that food is an environmental issue"

Ian <span>McNeel</span>

Ian McNeel

Director | Co-Founder
John <span>Hunte</span>

John Hunte

Director | Co-Founder
Julie <span>Hooper-McNeel</span>

Julie Hooper-McNeel

Director | Community Outreach & Education
Nicolas <span>Sobers</span>

Nicolas Sobers

Director | Marketing & Design
Fraser <span>Young</span>

Fraser Young

Gayle <span>Seale</span>

Gayle Seale

Director | Events
Charmaine <span>St. John</span>

Charmaine St. John

Director | Education
Rhea <span>Gilkes</span>

Rhea Gilkes

Ambassador | Chef Alliance
Nikola <span>Simpson</span>

Nikola Simpson

Director | Slow Fish