The annual food import bill for Barbados is an estimated $400 million and rising every year.  With higher import costs and the huge environmental impact of moving food across the globe, Barbados must build a regenerative food system.

Here at Slow Food Barbados our goal is to raise awareness around the importance of slow food in Barbados. Our programs and campaigns are designed to invigorate and inspire collaboration with local farmers and residents.  But we need your help!

We hope you might consider making a donation to support and sustain the education programs we are working on below:

  • Snail of Approval: A certification program that inspires local restaurants to offer slow food options to their customers. This builds a customer base for our local farmers.  Restaurants that participate are promoted online and through Slow Food events. 
  • Slow Food Barbados Buyers Guide : Our guide is filled with entrepreneurs, farmers, and producers of Slow Food here in Barbados. The guide is available online and is updated every year.
  • Slow Seven Program: This program is focused on getting Barbadians to think about, cook and prepare slow food in their homes. The campaign focuses on getting residents to share their slow food images. The awareness builds support for local farmers across the island and educates on the importance and nutritious value of local food.
  • Stop the Fog: This education campaign is designed to focus on the harm that fogging does to the natural ecosystem, not only by killing bees and bugs but also settling into water we drink and draining out to impact our coral reefs
  • Slow Food School Garden program continues to grow. We now have 16 Slow Food gardens that are educating children all across the island on the importance of growing local fruits and vegetables.  For 2020 we will be adding another Slow Food Garden at St. Michael’s Secondary School. Our education themes for our Slow Food Gardens focus on crop rotation, soil building, and inner cropping. Our goal for 2020 is to gain 16 sponsors who might help us cover the cost of planting and maintaining the gardens.  

Please fill out the contact form below and we will connect with you shortly.