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Farm to Chef Market Day creates the traditional outdoor shopping experience with a twist! It revives the traditional, vibrant, marketplace culture where conscious consumers meet with rural farmers and artisans to celebrate bountiful and wholesome produce.
Launched in 2014 at the idyllic Holder’s Plantation, the market offers an array of Snail of Approval merchants who are carefully picked for their exceptional quality. Their offerings range from organic produce to fish, baked goods, fresh, seasonal juices and locally produced cheeses. They are personally involved with their products, which gives shoppers an opportunity to connect on so many levels, instead of just plucking a package from a bin.

Cook-Off coordinator Eddie 'Classic' Irani briefing the contestants.
Cook-Off coordinator Eddie ‘Classic’ Irani briefing the contestants.

Our Farm to Chef Cook-Off featured a culinary battle between some of the island’s young and upcoming talents, who created innovative combinations and exciting dishes using the Farm-to-Table philosophy of sourcing ingredients that are local, and seasonally available. Onstage under the trees, they transformed bountiful and wholesome produce into culinary masterpieces right before your eyes. Connecting locals and visitors alike directly with farmers and chefs, these all-day events hope to foster a sense of community amongst growers, creators, consumers and appreciators of the culinary arts. The sidelines are lively too, with taste education, seedlings for sale, plentiful food and more.

– Meet the hands that feed you!

Farm to Chef Market Day