Educational Gardens

The SFB Educational Gardens Programme aims to reconnect people with their food by teaching them how to grow and cook fresh local food.

Farm to Table

For an inventive and unique dining experience, our extremely successful Farm to Table and Pop-Up event series are not to be missed.

Slow Cinema

Slow Cinema is a bimonthly movie night using the medium of film to enhance the knowledge of our environment, food system and production methods.

Chef Alliance

The SFB Chef Alliance promotes locally-based chefs to actively champion small-scale producers, and promote quality locally produced food.

Snail of Approval

The Snail of Approval is the Slow Food Barbados way of recognizing the producers, co-producers and donors who make significant contributions

Slow Fish

Slow Fish is the official Slow Food® campaign for sustainable fisheries, raising awareness through the biennial Slow Fish fair in Genoa, Italy. 

#Slow SEVEN Local Food Challenge

The #SlowSeven local food challenge was started by Slow Food Barbados in 2016, to encourage people to eat local for one week. That means, only using ingredients that are grown, caught, raised and produced right here in Barbados.