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The Slow Soup Drive began in 2020 as a response to the pandemic. After 5 years running, we have served 80,000 nourishing bowls of soup for the less fortunate, which include single parents, youth, elderly and people with disabilities. Since the launch of the program, the demand has not lessened, uncovering an important need around the island. With nearly 90% of the food being imported in Barbados, it remains difficult for those most vulnerable in our communities to cope with ever-rising food prices, limited financial resources and inconsistent access to healthy, sustainable foods.

Beyond the soup recipients, many others benefit from the Soup Drive through the creation of income for local chefs, cooks, farmers, fisherfolk and producers. This in turn benefits our local food system as a whole, as by supporting them we boost the demand for sustainable, wholesome food production in Barbados, motivating the growth of this much-needed sector.


But important resources are needed to keep this programme running 3 days a week in 3 parishes. Find out how you can help below as an individual or group of volunteers, as a farmer, chef, restaurant or organization!


The Slow Soup Drive's humble beginning saw 100% of our necessities being met through donations. Faster than anyone imagined, the need became more dire, and the response was ramped up. Generous farmers who gave of their overstocked produce in the beginning are now rewarded with weekly orders paid for by generous donations. We continue to grow and seek to make a lasting impression, advocating for homegrown nutrition created by a united community of farmers and chefs supported by volunteers and philanthropists.

The initiative recognizes the important role our local farmers play in co-creating a healthy food and healthcare system. With restaurants and hotels at diminished capacities during the pandemic, incomes have plummeted. Our local farmers needed our support to sustain our island's food system and continue the hard work of feeding us all. Thanks to generous monetary donations, we are able to purchase fresh produce from local farmers, helping to secure their livelihoods and encouraging them to develop agricultural land, build food security and meet the needs of the island in the long term.


As a response to COVID-19 lockdowns in April 2020, we bought together professional chefs and talented cooks, who, alongside volunteers, in a culinary all-hands-on-deck approach, delivered warm, wholesome nutrition to those most in need.

The Chefs' Alliance, an internationally recognized group of local volunteer chefs and cooks, wholeheartedly gave their time and skill, creating nutritious, hearty soups utilizing local, donated produce in borrowed kitchens, while adhering to the strictest health and safety standards.


Volunteer chefs are always welcome to lend their time and services at the soup kitchen. 

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Many restaurants have joined us by lending support to the Slow Soup Drive in different ways.


The Local & Co. kicked off our "Buy a Soup Gift a Soup" campaign, where restaurants create a "Slow Dish" for their menu. For each "Slow Dish" ordered, the restaurant donates $5 to support the Slow Soup Drive.

Since December 2022, La Cabane has been donating $1 from each guest's bill to support the Slow Soup Drive.

Restaurants interested in helping us through the "Buy a Soup Gift a Soup" campaign can contact us to get involved. 


the cookbook

As a fundraiser to support this project and to promote Barbados local food, we have published our first cookbook, “Bajan Big Soup.” Featuring talented chefs and their delicious recipes that have passed through our kitchens, this book will help you celebrate local ingredients from farmers and fisherfolks.


With every book bought or gifted, a family is fed. Contact us to order a digital copy of find out our retail points!

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