Buy a Soup

Give a Soup

We Propose

Assuming one soup = $5 BDS (INC rent, utilities, ingredients, gas, staff)

Add $5 onto the Soup of The Day

  • Order the soup of the day and we will donate a healthy, wholesome soup to someone in need with the Slow Soup Drive.

  • Order any of these Slow dishes and for every dish ordered and we will donate a healthy, hearty Slow Soup to the Slow Soup Drive

  • At the end of the week/month, the Point of Sale (POS) tallies up what was ordered and a donation is made. This can be done as an online bank transfer.

  • To be part of the scheme you need to contribute at least $200 per month = 40 soups or an average of 6 soups per day.



excellent! tHANK YOU!


  • Barbados has hidden its vulnerable families for long enough. It is time that we admit that this critical situation exists and that it has been amplified by COVID.

  • This is a country that depends on its communities and families to uphold one another. Today, we are the community, we are the family. By joining in the Slow Soup effort your establishment becomes part of the community; by purchasing slow soups your patrons become family members. 

  • According to Heart & Stroke Foundation, in Barbados:
    1 in every 3 children is obese
    1 in every 5 adults has diabetes
    8 out of every 10 deaths is due to an NCD

  • In 2020, the food import bill of Barbados was $700 million BDS.