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Good, Clean and Fair food is a way of life. It's a culture and a way to view the world.


Inspired by Slow Food International's 10,000 Gardens in Africa programme and Slow Food USA's School Garden Programme, Slow Food Barbados launched their "12 Educational Gardens in 12 Months" programme in 2015. This programme has grown to include 17 schools and institutions who participate in instilling a love of Good Clean and Fair in students ranging in age from 3 - 18 while integrating garden activities into the overall school curriculum. 


Plant a Seed. Watch it Grow

As we grow, we will not only add new gardens but continue to support and expand our existing gardens. The goal of the programme is to support garden committees and their volunteers to become more effective in creating and sustaining school gardens in their community.


Garden Support

Slow Food Barbados offers support in Train the Trainers workshops, resources, access to professional, fundraising design layout and implementation of the garden as well as assistance with integrating the garden into the exsiting curriculum.

Creating A Menu

Additionally, once the garden is established, we provide guidance on how to set up a farmers’ market and create dialog with the school canteen to work toward creating menu options for the students made with what is grown by them on site.

Our list of schools and institutions involved include:


  1. Alleyne Secondary School

  2. St. Angela’s Primary School 

  3. Ellerton Primary School 

  4. St. George Secondary School 

  5. Milton Lynch Primary School 

  6. Hilda Skeene Primary School 

  7. Princess Margaret Secondary School 

  8. St. Gabriel’s Primary School 

  9. Providence Elementary School

  10. Nature Fun Ranch 

  11. Sharon Primary School 

  12. Luther Thorne Memorial Primary School

  13. St. Luke’s Academy 

  14. A. Dacosta Edwards Primary School

  15. Gordon Walters Primary School

  16. Girls Government Industrial School

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