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Food What? Looking for Food Sovereignty in Barbados is a result of two years of research on the food system of Barbados, where about 85% of the food is imported and diabetes and hypertension affect 20-30% of the population. But since 2020, the economic downturn, rising prices and inconsistent shipping have renewed the debate on self-reliance and the necessity of growing more healthy food locally. This film explores how our focus on food security, while it might keep people fed, overshadows the importance of how our food is produced, and to whom it profits. Celebrating innovative solutions on the island and giving a voice to local farmers, distributors, policymakers, experts and consumers about the food system they want, the film initiates a much-needed discussion on our problematic relationships to food and the global food system, not only in the Caribbean but around the world.

As an independent filmmaker and researcher, Cloé Fortin seeks help to organize screenings across the Caribbean and elsewhere. Indeed, many colonized territories, from Africa to the South Pacific, still suffer from the impacts of the global food system (high dependence to external markets, malnutrition, loss of traditional lifestyles). While the film will be available online soon, screenings are essential to spark conversations and reach farming communities.


With the support of the Panta Rhea Foundation and a collaboration with Slow Food Barbados, a series of screenings will take place in 2024 in Barbados, the Caribbean and Central America, but local contacts and facilities are still needed. Please connect with us if you might be able to help!

Since April 2023, the film has screened in Barbados, the US and Canada, in film festivals, conferences and schools. It received a Finalist Award in the Best Film About A Social Issue Category at the Student World Impact Film Festival, was selected at the Ceres Food Film Festival (NYC, US), and at the Green Screen Environmental Film Festival (Trinidad). The feature film is 70 minutes long, and a shorter version (40mins.) is available for wider audiences. Thanks to the organization Villes-Régions-Monde, the short version is also available with French subtitles, and will be available with Spanish subtitles soon.

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