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How to Make: A Worm Composter

Entry level composting for the homeowner without a lot of space.

What is a Worm Composter?

A Worm composter is piece of pipe/Large piece of Bamboo or a bucket buried halfway in the ground with holes drilled in the buried part for  worms  to get in and out of. Food scraps are added directly to the  composter  instead of into your composting bin, and are eaten by  worms  already living in the target part of your garden.

Items That You Will Need

  • Shovel

  • Hand saw

  • Drill with bit

  • Worm food (veg SCRAPS, newspaper, CARDBOARD)

  • A piece of PVC pipe or a thick piece of bamboo or a bucket cover (plastic pot, clay tile)

Step 1

Drill 3 inch holes throughout the pipe, bamboo or bucket.

Step 2

Choose a spot in your garden bed and dig a hole around to the depth of holes in pipe.

Step 3

Position your pipe in the hole then backfill around the outside.

Step 4

Add worm food/scraps and cover your new worm tower

Download our guide here


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