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The #SlowSeven local food challenge was started by Slow Food Barbados in 2016, to encourage people to eat local for one week. That means, only using ingredients that are grown, caught, raised and produced right here in Barbados. Participants are invited to sign up for the challenge and to share images and videos of their meals and experiences. By signing up and participating, you’ve entered to win some amazing prizes from various partners in Barbados.

This challenge aims to promote sustainable communities, healthy bodies and support local farmers and fisherfolk increasing our emphasis on locally sourced food and the benefits to our local economy, environment, and community.

If one week of only local food and drink seems too daunting, not to worry. It’s not an all- or-nothing challenge. The challenge is structured to encourage everyone; from beginners to the very committed and experienced! The point is to experiment and increase awareness about the availability of locally produced foods and where to find them.

Slow Food Barbados provides plenty of guidance, including a Local Buyer’s Guide (Which includes local products ranging from meats to cheeses to wines), our Sustainable Seafood Guide, recipes, markets and a list of local restaurants that are offering menu items that fit the Eat Local criteria.

Since 2016, the SlowSeven Challenge has continued to double each year, with over 400 Slow Foodies, and over 25 restaurants participating.


By participating in the #SlowSeven challenge, participants are:

  • Regenerating our local food systems and supporting the local economy

  • Creating more demand for local food in Barbados, and in turn lowering our multi-million dollar food import bill;

  • Learning about locally sourced, produced and caught food, as well as the people who make every plate of food possible;

  • Sharing and connecting with a community of foodies in Barbados!

  • Increasing our Islands’ food security and sovereignty

  • Winning amazing prizes and having fun along the way!




Slow Challenge Outline and Resources


Prize Categories

How to Participate

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