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There are many on our island who do not have adequate access to wholesome food. From isolated seniors and disabled persons to children who rely on one school meal per day. There is still a long road ahead for families whose income has not yet returned. The past 2 years has shone a light on our local food access issue which indeed existed long before the pandemic.

With guidance from third parties such as local emergency management and service organizations, and through community partnerships with the Parish Independence Committees, primary schools and churches, many vulnerable children and families in need are discretely identified, as needs arise and diminish with fluctuating income levels.

The St. Andrew Parish Independence Committee (PIC) was instrumental in the development of the soup distribution system.
 We are committed to engaging with community groups through partnerships as a model for the soup drive distribution as face to face interaction with a friendly person from ones own community on receiving a soup is an added benefit of the programme. 



The Slow Soup Drive's humble beginning saw 100% of everything kindly being donated. Faster than anyone imagined, the need became more dire, and the response was ramped up. Generous farmers who gave of their overstocked produce in the beginning are now rewarded with weekly orders paid for by generous donations. We continue to grow and seek to make a lasting impression, sending a message of homegrown nutrition created by a united community of farmers and chefs supported by volunteers and philanthropists.

The initiative recognizes the important role our local farmers play in co-creating a healthy food and healthcare system. With restaurants and hotels at diminished capacities, small farmer incomes have plummeted. Our local farmers need our support to sustain our island's food system and continue the hard work of feeding us all. Thanks to generous monetary donations we are able to purchase fresh produce from local farmers, helping to

secure their livelihoods and encouraging them to develop agricultural land. Building food security and

meeting the needs of the island.



As a response to COVID-19 lockdowns, the Slow Soup Drive was born in April 2020. We began by bringing together professional Chefs and talented Cooks, who alongside volunteers, in a culinary all-hands-on-deck approach have been delivering warm, wholesome nutrition to those most in need ONE SLOW SOUP at a time.

The Chefs' Alliance, an internationally recognized group of local volunteer chefs and cooks has been wholeheartedly giving their time and skill, creating nutritious, hearty soups utilizing local, donated produce in borrowed kitchens, while adhering to the strictest health and safety standards of COVID-19.


Volunteer chefs are always welcome to lend thier time and services at the soup kitchen. There is a particular need for assistance during the island's high season Dec-April. 

The soup kitchens churn out 100's of bowls of warm nutritious soup per day, and fluidly adapt to reflect the current need in the communities served.



Restaurants have joined us by lending support to the soup drive. Each week a number of restaurants have assisted with the slow soup drive by donating soups.


Additionally, we have commenced our "Buy a Soup Give a Soup" campaign where restaurants have the opportunity to offer a Slow Soup or a Slow Dish in support of our Slow Soup Drive initiative.

Restaurants interested in giving back through the "Buy a soup give a soup" Campaign please contact us directly to get involved. 

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