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Slow Fish is the official Slow Food® campaign for sustainable fisheries, raising awareness among seafood-lovers through the biennial Slow Fish fair in Genoa, Italy. For small-island states like Barbados our oceans are a critical element to our survival. At the same time, we are disproportionately affected by issues such as rising sea levels, overfishing and intruding predatory species. Through our local initiatives we focus on promoting sustainable fishing methods, supporting responsible artisanal fisherfolk and providing opportunities for public participation with cooking demos and competitions Support your local fisherfolk!

Fish: It’s a slippery issue. Hidden underwater, our marine resources are not easy to study or understand. What state are our seas in? What fish species are on the verge of extinction? Can we influence the market? Should we stop eating fish? Is there a future for small-scale fishers?

With fishing, just like with agriculture, Slow Food® Barbados strongly believes that every individual can contribute in his or her own small way to changing the mechanisms of the globalised food system based on extensive exploitation of resources.

What We Do

Social Media Campaign

Slow Food® Barbados aims to educate the public by using digestible nuggets of info that will help the community to understand the issues and solutions. The main objective of our social media Slow Fish campaign is to educate people about what they can do to make change through their eating choices and habits. We have been doing this by sharing information on our social media outlets relating to sustainable fishing and fishieries.

Barbados Lionfish Derby

This event is held annually in collaboration with the Barbados Lionfish Project. We collaborate to educate the public on the dangers of lionfish to our ocean ecosystems and what the public can do to reduce this invasive species’ impact. In partnership with the Lionfish Derby we work with restaurants to include lionfish on the menu and educate the public on the importance of supporting this sustainable fish… and how delicious it is!

For more information on the derby visit or by visiting their Facebook page.

Know & Support Your Fisherfolk!

Eating in “slow” style and choosing good, clean and fair fish, we can all allow ourselves to enjoy the pleasures of the table and at the same time push the market towards a responsible management of seafood resources.

Carlo Patrini, Founder of the Slow Food Movement